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Networks Casting Services focuses on specific regions to assist those looking to work as extras in the entertainment industry. One of our busiest regions is North Carolina. Currently extra work in North Carolina has been consistent with daily casting call notices.

extra work in north carolina

Television series include:

  • Homeland (filmed in Charlotte, NC)
  • Under The Dome (filmed in Wilmington, NC)
  • Banshee filmed in Charlotte, NC
  • Army Wives (filmed in Charleston, South Carolina)

  • NC Feature Films currently include “Tammy” starring Melissa McCarthy famous for her role in “Bridesmaids”. The most recent big budget film shot in North Carolina was “Ironman 3” starring Robert Downey Jr.

    It appears extra work in North Carolina has and will stay consistent for some time. Many productions have left LA and NY to find greener pastures both in location and tax incentives. While NC lost the CW series “Revolution” to Texas, North Carolina is still one of the busiest states in the entertainment industry.

    Casting calls are posted daily for extra work in North Carolina.

    Casting directors are constantly seeking new faces for their projects. Here are a few questions to ask before submitting to casting calls for extra work in North Carolina.

    north carolina extra work

      Is your schedule open for casting calls? Expect to work a full 12 hour day. Sometimes longer.
      Do you fit the casting call request? Only submit to casting notices that fit your criteria.
      Can I make a career doing extra work in North Carolina? No, unless you are Standing In for an Actor.

    Most casting calls for extra work include the scheduled dates, role description, and submission requirements.

    Do you wanted to be cast as an extra for work on a real television series or feature film?

    Now is your chance!

    Join Networks Casting Services and instantly submit to casting calls for extra work in North Carolina or surrounding areas. Our service is always free! Networks Casting Services focuses on principal casting, extra work, print modeling, and event hosting seeking all types of individuals. Kids or Adults, casting for all types and looks!

    If you are interested in acting or extra work in North Carolina, join today!

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    Extra Work casting in North Carolina

    Networks Casting Services is seeking Men, Women, and Children, of all ages, for extra work in North Carolina. Casting calls are posted daily for all types in people.

    Click here to get started for an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

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    14 thoughts on “Extra Work in North Carolina

    • Carrie Grinstead

      I am very interested in being an extra in movie’s. I do not have any acting experience,but have a very outgoing self confident personality. Thank you for your time!!

    • Chris Thomas

      I do not have any acting experience but it has been my dream to act. I am very eager to learn anything there is to learn about acting and am a hard worker. Thank you for the consideration.

    • Keisha Smith

      I am interested in Extra work in film or tv. I have done several jobs here in Charlotte, NC so, I am very familiar with the process. Please contact me with any and all information. Thank You.

    • Marian Elaine Blair

      I am a singer somgwriter / aspiring actress and have had some acting classes I am a graduate of AMTC. ( actors, models & talent for Christ). I live in North Carolina and am looking for opportunities in the Wilmington or Charlotte areas.

    • wayne murray

      I am interested in extra work in film and tv.I was an extra in turk 182, and homeboy where i used a motorcycle-,i am up for anything please contact me with any info- thanks

    • Sammee Dee Childs

      I am very interested in extra work in film or tv. I have been acting since I knew how to talk. I follow directions and I live the role or part that im acting. Acting is my passion and I wont stop at nothing to make it to the top for my family and I. Send me any information u have and I will follow up and put out more then what u need.

    • ashanti fleurantin

      Hello I would really like to become a actress I am only 11 years old. yesterday I had a acting audition and I past it so then today I went to the second audition and I past that one too but the problem was you have to pay 2,000 dollars so I was not able to go. I was so MAD so I really need a good acting agency and if you want to contact me here is my mom’s number ########## Thank you.

    • Michael Gruden

      I an very interested in extra work . I have worked as an extra on one tree hill and dawson’s creek among other unamed pilots. Please call me ###-###-#### Michael Gruden

    • Joyce Wright

      I am retired with an open schedule, with no acting experience, but I am looking forward to having some fun as an extra. Quick learner, team player and a lot of character to boot.

    • Elisabeth Somerville

      I am an outgoing and easy to work with aspiring actress. While I have no film acting experience, I have held lead roles in six theater productions and supporting roles in two others. Most recently I played Elizabeth Bennet in Jon Jory’s Pride and Prejudice. I have taken improv classes, can do various American and British dialects, and speak intermediate spanish. I am very interested in pursuing film acting and want to get into extra acting. Please contact me if you think I am a good fit. I can provide resume, headshot, and references. Thank you for your consideration!

    • Elise Lutz

      I am very much interested in being an extra. I do not have any acting experience, unless you count taking acting classes. Thanks

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