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Networks Casting Services Inc. (NCSI), an extras casting and management company established in 1999, provides talent direct access to casting calls in major entertainment production areas across the United States. NCSI’s main focus is background extra work with some opportunities in Los Angeles to audition for principal speaking roles (sometimes other areas as well). Since our nationwide launch back in May 2012, NCSI has grown to assist more than 350 casting companies with a talent database of 5,000 plus and growing daily! As the desire to work in the entertainment industry grows, so does the competition to work as a background extra.

In recent years, social media has become an outlet for casting companies to find background extras, but the results often times can be more straining than beneficial. Recently we spoke with background extras casting companies in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, and Austin to discuss how social media helps their daily casting needs. With an overwhelming response, all said “it (…social media) works, but not great!” Casting companies utilizing social media for their extras casting calls sometimes will receive more than 2000 talent submissions for one call! Of those submissions, less the 10% actually fit the casting director’s criteria they are requesting.

Is there a better solution for background extras casting companies seeking talent submissions to fulfill their casting work calls? YES!

Networks Casting Services Inc. introduces background extras casting and management Talent Service Plus Profiles.

If you are seeking background extra work on a weekly basis, a Talent Service Plus Profile is something you should consider. All Talent Service Plus Profiles include 5 to 8 photos displaying the different types of extras casting roles you can be considered for. How does it work?


Every day, NCSI posts an average of 50 background extra work calls from casting companies seeking talent. With a Talent Service Plus Profile you will automatically be submitted to casting calls that fit your criteria. Log in to your talent profile, update the availability calendar, and NCSI will submit you for any casting calls on your available work dates! Casting companies will contact NCSI or you directly to book. All we ask is that you keep your availability calendar accurate!

How is this different from submitting through our job board? In the past NCSI has posted all casting notices on the job board. With a Talent Service Plus Profile, you will be submitted in a group to the casting company prior to the casting notice becoming available to free talent profiles. Casting Directors can book a group of talent that fit their casting request at one time instead of browsing through hundreds to thousands of individual email submissions.

This is a sample Talent Service Plus Profile Submission::


Casting Directors click on your image to view your entire profile for specific casting requirements:


Casting and Management Talent Service Plus Profiles will be available soon. If you are looking for more background extra work and have at least 2 days a week open to work, give Talent Service Plus a try! Talent Service Plus is an exclusive talent group by work region. Not all applicants will be accepted. Networks Casting Services Inc has been booking background extras since 1997. Owed by a former Central Casting Senior Director, NCSI casting and management accepts those we feel we are able to book as background extras. For more information complete the form and we will contact you directly with more details and an interview to be accepted.

casting-servicesIf you do not already have a free talent profile with Networks Casting Services Inc, click here to get started. Current background extras casting calls for film, television, commercial, print, and music videos are posted daily. Since 1999, Networks Casting Services has assisted more than 500 projects and booked over 100,000 extra work jobs for talent! Join today and you could work tomorrow!

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