Extras Casting in Atlanta: Talent of All Ages 13

Currently there are many projects filming in the Georgia area. Extras casting in Atlanta has never been more accessible. Extra work is in great demand and it appears Hollywood is here to stay in Atlanta for a long time!

Extras Casting in Atlanta
Atlanta has stayed “hot” thanks to producers like Tyler Perry who has filmed almost all of his projects in and around the Georgia area. Currently Mr. Perry is working on and producing another film under the title “Untitled Terry Perry Special” which is currently filming in the Atlanta, GA area.

Current extras casting in Atlanta work calls are available.

“Untitled Tyler Perry Special” along with many other feature films, television series, music videos, and commercials are now casting. Currently extras casting in Atlanta includes: “Prisoners” starring Hugh Jackson, “Devious Maids” starring Eva Longoria, and “Zombieland” a new television pilot produced exclusively for Amazon. If you are new to the industry, or experienced, there are numerous opportunities available for extras casting in Atlanta.

Networks Casting Services casts and assists many casting companies in the Atlanta, GA region.

Extra work also known as (and SAG politcally correct) “background actor” is a great opportunity to work, network, learn and experience what happens behind the scenes of a live set. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when submitting for extra work in Atlanta or any other region.

Extras Casting in Atlanta

1. Do not submit if you’re not in the region. If you live in New York and the call is in Atlanta, do not submit!

2. Make sure you are 100% available for the work dates. No conflicts on the day. Expect to work a 12 hour day!

3. Follow the casting call description. Age range, Gender, Ethnic Look, and Work Region are the most important.

4. Submitting: Make sure all talent profile sizes and contact information is entered correctly. Your photos should match the casting call request. If the role asks for Upscale Photos in Tuxedo or Gown, then talent should either switch single photo profile or add a formal photo in the photo management tab.

Casting Directors expect talent to be responsible when submitting to work calls.

Often times talent will submit to calls not fit to their criteria. While the talent may feel any submission is an opportunity, the opposite is usually the case.

As a former Senior Casting Director at Central Casting Los Angeles, I can still remember the talent that did not follow simple submission instructions for casting work calls. While I will not mention names, I can only assume most casting directors today work the same way.

Simple Rule:

Submit to casting calls you know 100% fit your talent profile criteria.

There are many work regions busy with auditions for commercials, print modeling jobs, and extras casting calls throughout the United States. Networks busiest regions currently are: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Other consistent entertainment work regions include Charlotte, San Francisco, Honolulu, Miami, Dallas, Austin, and Boston.

Extras Casting in Atlanta

Networks Casting Extra Work in Atlanta

If you are interested in extras casting in Atlanta or any other work region,
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Networks Casting Services is seeking new and experienced talent of all ages (infants to adults) for various casting work calls in the entertainment industry. Current auditions, interviews, open casting calls, and extra work is available for all types of projects including film, television series, commercials, music videos, print, and live event promotions. Join today and work tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Extras Casting in Atlanta: Talent of All Ages

  • Nicole Love


    I have limited “extra” experience, as well as voice over production work. Currently available for auditions and fill in/extra work.

    Resides in the Atlanta area, reliable transportation and and can arrive early or on time with a great attitude and winning smile!

    Thank you,


  • Marcos Filho

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Marcos Filho, I am 26 Years old, and I’m Brazilian.

    My dream was to come to America and work and being in front of the camera but even tho my parents broght me here at a young age I was never let to be in front of the camera. I’m asking for a chance to be an extra on any of your show so I can at least be seen.

    Thank you
    Marcos Filho

  • Shawn Michael Douthat

    Hello my name is Shawn, and currently my only experience is on YouTube and behind the camera. I’m wishing to change that to looking at the lens instead of the battery. I can guarantee that neither you nor the client will be disappointed, and I can provide references that will concur. Currently my main experience extends in comedy and horror, but I’m more than happy to expand that further to find my true niche. My most efficient means of contact is via phone which is as follows: *removed*. I currently reside in Douglasville, Ga approximately 45 minutes out of the metro Atlanta area. Please contact me for a more in depth review of my skills and how I may be able to assist you and your clientele.

  • Melissa Pugh

    I have an 8 year old son and 12year old daughter who has some experience in acting and is interested in doing more acting roles. Just wondering if you can help. Hoping some roles are available for African -American children. If anything available please consider us.

  • Danielle Lovett

    I’m in Atlanta and I have a 6 mos old son and a 6 yr old daughter. Who I’m looking to put on TV. They are African American.

  • My name is Bradley Haddad

    My name is Bradley H. I in Atlanta at the present I am available at most any given time would enjoy the opportunity!! I am 5ft 9in 200lbs I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!!!

  • My name is Bradley Haddad

    My name is Bradley H. I live in Atlanta at the present I am available at most any given time would enjoy the opportunity!! I am 5ft 9in 200lbs I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!!!

  • abdul ahmed

    my name is ahmed im father of five ihave full experience acting since iwas 15 year back home africa
    my dream was to america and work and also being in from of camera

  • Tolera Peek

    Hello my name is Tolera and I am 31years of age, African American seeking extra roles. Also have a 11yr,10yr, 7yr old sons and a 2yr old daughter whom are interested also in acting.

  • Sandra Velasquez

    Thank you for considering me I am available anytime, Height 5’9″ size 12 53yrs old but look 35yrs old. Spanish and black mix. thank you, my Contact ###-###-#### anytime.

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